Transformational Leadership

Leadership is not based on the number of people reporting to you BUT inspiring and motivating those around you. A good leader affects a team’s ability to deliver code, architect good systems, and apply Lean principles to how the team manages its work and develops products.

5 Qualities of transformational leadership expected at Knoldus

  • Vision. Has a clear understanding of where the organization is going and where it should be in five years.

  • Inspirational communication. Communicates in a way that inspires and motivates, even in an uncertain or changing environment. Say things that exhibit Knoldus culture and make Knolders feel proud to be a part of Knoldus

  • Intellectual stimulation. Challenges followers to think about problems in new ways.

  • Supportive leadership. Demonstrates care and consideration of followers’ personal needs and feelings.

  • Personal recognition. Praises and acknowledges the achievement of goals and improvements in work quality; personally compliment others when they do outstanding work. Make sure that you compliment at least one Knolder a day.