III Architecture Release

Architecture Release

This is the first release of the product in which 10-20% of the complex functionalities of the product are rapidly built. This is not a POC but a fully tested, production quality release. The technical design and the architecture are validated as a part of this release. Architectural significant stories are identified for implementation as a part of this release. The idea is to whet out the architectural alternatives and prove that the system being developed would work as per the SLAs.

Duration - 2 to 3 Sprints

This phase is high intensity and involves a lot of work from the team.

This would involve all the steps required to run a sprint right from

    • Sprint planning to Sprint Retrospective.

    • For running the Sprints, we follow the umbrella approach defined in Scrum.

    • On a daily basis, Engineering Practices are followed as per the best practices defined in XP.


    • Architecturally challenging stories identified

    • These stories do not form > 20% of the product backlog

    • SLAs defined on the architectural stories

Output Expected

    • Architecture of the product is crystallized

    • Stories which test the architecture have been built

    • Load testing and Performance testing on the Architecture