Over the past 10 years of building software for organizations from startups to Fortune 100, Knoldus has been privileged to curate the Knolway process. Knolway is the "Knoldus Way" of producing software.

It embarks heavily on the tenets of Scrum and XP but builds in the communication structures and strategies to make distributed software development possible and very successful.

This slide from our corporate deck summarizes the proven success that we have experienced with the Knolway process. As a part of this living website, we would like to share our strategy with any organization that wants to develop software in a Global Distributed Delivery manner and be successful at it.

We at Knoldus believe in Knowledge sharing as one of our prime core values. To know more about our Knowledge sharing philosophy, visit our

For any questions related to the Knolway process, contributions to the process or suggesting any corrections, please email to [knolway at]

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